Understanding the Role of the Patient Advocate

Angel On My Shoulder was created to be advocates for their clients. Having a patient advocate in today’s healthcare can assure your quality of care.

What does a healthcare advocate do?

A Healthcare Advocate is someone you chose who assists you in making medical decisions. They are someone you trust who works well with other medical staff and knows how to navigate the medical system. An effective advocate works to assure you are receiving appropriate medical care.

The following pdf can help you better understand the role of patient advocate above and beyond the services section of this website.

The role of the patient advocate

What We Offer

  • Patient Advocacy
  • In-home living support
  • Memory Care Support
  • Care Givers
  • Transition to Supportive Living
  • Long Term Care Visits with Family
  • Medicare/Medicaid Consulting
  • Dietary Consulting
  • Essential Oils and Healing Touch
  • Navigating the healthcare system and much more...

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