In these unprecedented times, Angel on my Shoulder continues to provide services for people in their homes, facilities, over the phone, and online. The safety and health of our patients and their families have always been our top priority. We are closely following the state and federal CDC guidelines for COVID-19, and continuously update our practices accordingly.

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Patient & Family Advocates

Our mission is to provide Peace of Mind to our clients and their family and friends by ensuring the highest quality of care and services are consistently being provided. Angel On My Shoulder fills a void in patient care for families who aren't able to be as present as they'd like. We also provide support navigating the often confusing world of insurance, doctors, and health regimens.


Angel On My Shoulder's goal is to help our clients attain the highest quality of life possible through an array of specialized healthcare services:

  • Assessment of medical and psychosocial requirements completed by an experienced registered nurse to identify required resources.
  • Assist clients in identifying issues that directly affect their quality of life.
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies for family members, medical providers, and caregivers.
  • Coordination of care across different medical providers: Scheduling and attending medical appointments, synchronization of any changes with all providers.
  • Creation of a holistic plan of care consistent for all stakeholders.
  • Continuous reevaluations of the client's plan of care to maximize their quality of life.
  • Direct support during hospitalization via patient advocacy to medical providers and administrative staff.

Angel On My Shoulder works closely with providers and specialists for a holistic approach to client care. Specialized services include:

  • Coordination of care across different medical providers: Scheduling and attending medical appointments, synchronization of any changes with all providers.
  • Creation of a holistic plan of care consistent for all stakeholders.
  • Continuous reevaluations of the client’s plan of care to maximize their quality of life.

We aid our clients' continued independence for as long as possible.  We anticipate our clients' needs and prevent potential problems that may limit their ability to live at home.

We create and maintain a home environment that ensures safety and supports our client's continued autonomy. Our experienced registered nurses (RN) services include:

  • Build holistic client care plans designed to maximize client quality of life.
  • Perform home visits to ensure caregiver compliance and allowing continuous personalized evolution of care plans.
  • Coordinate specialized transportation to medical appointments.
  • Perform ongoing home safety assessments.
  • Implement a medication management system
  • On-call phone support for clients and their caregivers/family seven days a week.

Our nurses provide experienced care for clients at all stages of memory loss. We understand the importance of maximizing autonomy for the individual at all stages of memory impairment. Specific services include:

  • Protecting clients’ rights in the home or assisted living facility.
  • Creating a personalized plan of care that supports individual autonomy as well as a safe environment.
  • Available counseling to families on the complex issues that occur with memory loss.
  • Direct coordination with medical providers for care plan adherence.
  • Specific placement and transition support to a more supportive living environment, should the need arise.

Angel On My Shoulder's resident expert, Daniel Wilson, MSW, is exceptional at finding additional benefits for our clients whose income is largely used for living and healthcare.

Katie Di Lauro, RDN, is an expert in nutritional care. She helps our clients improve overall health by identifying food allergies and dietary needs. Nutrition is a crucial component to alleviating and reversing many ailment symptoms.


We assist clients in finding the best possible match in caregivers. The constant contact between patients and caregivers makes this step in the process vital. Physicians in the community trust Angel On My shoulder to find competent caregivers to meet their patient's specific needs. Our caregiver services include:

  • Interviewing caregivers from multiple agencies — ensuring the best possible fit between patient and caregiver.
  • Creation of an evolving personalized care plan to synchronize family, medical providers, and family effort.
  • Training caregivers on specific execution of our holistic care plan.
  • Weekly home visits by our registered nurses for supervision and retraining of caregivers as needed.
  • Angel On My Shoulder is available for phone support to clients and their caregivers/family seven days a week.

We assess the current physical and psychosocial needs of our clients to offer choices when a change in living situation is needed. Our experience with different facilities in the Southern California area provides our client with peace of mind and aids in a difficult time of transition. Our transition services include:

  • Complete physical and psychosocial assessments to define client requirements.
  • Consultation on facility choice, including cost, care, and amenity comparisons.
  • A deliberate transition plan, tailored for the client to help alleviate physical and emotional stress during the move.
  • Ongoing oversight of the care provided by the chosen facility.
  • Angel On My Shoulder is available for phone support to clients and their caregivers/family seven days a week.

Families need as much support as the patient. Having peace of mind that patients are advocated for, protected, and given the best possible care is essential. Services include:

  • Regularly scheduled visits.
  • Review of health status
  • Monitoring of environment: nutrition, cleanliness, and safety.
  • Ensuring that integrity is maintained.
  • Reporting to the client, the family, or as directed.

Independence and quality of life are fundamental to Angel on my Shoulder. The little things that signify our independence like dining out, getting to appointments, and keeping a safe home are crucial. Our concierge elder services include:

  • Companionship/Socialization
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Medical Escort Services
  • Notary Services
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Errands
  • Exercise
  • Dining Out

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Client Stories

These stories shine a light on what is possible with patient advocacy and we hope to inspire.

Letters from our clients

My sister was very ill with so many complex health issues… As her primary caregiver and being naïve about how to deal with so many complexities, I was simply overwhelmed.

Carol Freeborn and Angel On My Shoulder came to my rescue. Carol went to bat for me… she truly was an angel on my shoulder.

- Bob

It has been my pleasure to work with Carol and personally see her dedication to the families she assists.

I have worked and volunteered in the field of Memory Care for over a dozen years and have yet to meet another professional like her. She and her team do amazing work helping and supporting families through challenging times and difficult decisions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angel On My Shoulder to anyone who needs assistance for themselves or a loved one. The services, education, care, and support are truly Heaven sent!

- Doreen Cregg, Sr. Family Ambassador Silverado San Juan Capistrano | Memory Care Community

Kathy and I wanted to personally thank you for the care and comfort you gave my Mother, and counsel to our family. Your efforts made a difficult time easier to deal with.

We cannot thank you enough for the care, concern and effort you gave all us at any time, on any day.

I’m sorry you didn’t get to know Mom as the engaging person that she was. I know she would have found you to be a good friend as we did. Mom has quite a collection of a variety of angel figurines. I know she would have enjoyed having one as our ‘Angel On My Shoulder’.

I believe the Lord hears our prayers and supports us in our lives… and you were a piece of that. You have gifts that fill the special needs of families in our situations. I pray that you can continue in your work in helping many more families like ours.

- The Hoste’s: John, Kathy, Tricia and Ryan

Carol was such a help to me and my family when I was having reactions to my medicines.

Several doctors had me on several different medicines and I felt awful – Carol was able to guide us through the maze, advise us on questions for the doctors, and help us to find out which medicines I was really reacting to.

I feel better than I have in years and Carol is a big part of that.

- Eloise Hoeck, Bradenton, Florida


Learn more about the benefits of advocacy, and how you can get started.

What We Offer

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Case Management
  • Comprehensive Coordination of Care
  • In Home Living Support
  • Memory Care Support - Alzheimer's & Dementia
  • Care Giver Placement and Training
  • Transition to Supportive Living
  • Oversight of Clients in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Elder Care
  • Concierge Elder Services

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