A Relationship of Trust

Our mom had a fall but was unwilling to let us bring caregivers into the home. Angel on My Shoulder helped our family find a compromise. Case managers started slowly with weekly visits managing medications to establish trust. Eventually our…

Peace of Mind

A client was experiencing difficulty having her needs met at an assisted living due to mild cognitive impairment. Her family lived out of state and was unable to help with the day to day. She needed help managing and coordinating…

Protecting Your Family

A family member discovered a $23,000 check was cashed by their aunt’s caregiver. Angel on My Shoulder was recommended by an elder care attorney and contacted for assistance. After a complete assessment of the client and home situation, new caregivers…

Restoring Quality of Life

Mrs. B had a stroke and was continuing to have complications in a skilled nursing facility. She was coming close to utilizing all her Medicare rehabilitation days. The family contacted Angel on My Shoulder for assistance. With a thorough assessment…

Returning Your Loved Ones Home

When the wife of Mr. B came into the Neurologist’s office, she was overwhelmed and crying with frustration. Her once affable husband was now confined to a nursing home, confused, and refusing to eat. She wanted him home! Dr. M…

Getting Back to Work

Mr. F was in the emergency room 4 times in a month for GI issues that could not be diagnosed. At 82 years old, Mr. F was still traveling to LA and working part time. This health issue meant he…

Advocating for Our Client and Returning Her Home

Mrs. G was placed in an assisted living after a surgery. She did not have family to advocate on her behalf. Angel on My Shoulder assessed Mrs. G and identified an opportunity to get her back into her home. The…

Coordinating All Aspects of Care

Ms. J’s 91-year-old, very independent aunt, was visiting from Oregon. She required unexpected orthopedic surgery during her stay in California. Ms. J was concerned, as she knew her aunt had a complex health issue, but no details. She hired Angel…
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