Case Management Improves Health Outcomes for Serious Illnesses

Angel On My Shoulder provides our services by utilizing the skills of our highly trained Certified Case Managers. Case managers assure the quality of care in health care institutions for over 40 years. Professional case management is critical to improving care coordination, enhance chronic disease outcomes, and the methods to achieve these outcomes.

According to The American Journal of Managed Care, patient-centered case management:

  • Improves health outcomes
  • Decreases hospital admissions by 38%
  • Reduces costs by more than $18,000 per patient
  • Increases satisfaction rates among 92% of the patients

This Blue Shield article examines how Case Management Programs benefit patients with illnesses such as late-stage cancers or degenerative neurologic conditions.

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  • Patient Advocacy
  • Case Management
  • Comprehensive Coordination of Care
  • In Home Living Support
  • Memory Care Support - Alzheimer's & Dementia
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  • Oversight of Clients in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Elder Care
  • Concierge Elder Services

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