Our Mission

Providing Peace of Mind to Patients and their Families and Friends

Angel On My Shoulder's mission is to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care and services.

Patients and their families and friends need support. The world of insurance, doctors, and health regimens is often confusing and leave patients with missing information. That, coupled with long distances and busy schedules, families worry over their patient's care everyday.

That's where we come in, to provide peace of mind.

Acting as an advocate for patients and their families and friends, Angel On My Shoulder will monitor the details of care and confer with physicians and caregivers to assure the quality of care.

We will regularly report findings so that you are more informed and knowledgeable, and in turn you can worry less about doing the best you can. 

  • Become the eyes and ears of the physician.
  • Coordinate discharge to home.
  • Arrange for 24/7 caregivers.
  • Bill Long Term Care insurance policy.
  • Interview and screen caregivers.
  • Provide immediate on-site visits to meet with patient and family.
  • Meet with all facility clinical staff.
  • Review the plan of care and make recommendations to the physician/family.
  • Create a plan of care to suit our client’s social needs.
  • Advocating for our patients

Report findings regularly to patients and their families.

Helping you stay informed and knowledgeable.

Confer with physicians and care-givers

Details of the patient's care and well-being are assured.

Continually monitor all details of care

Ensuring a patient's care is followed through, and that it's working

Meet Our Amazing Team


Carol Freeborn

Founder and President of Angel On My Shoulder
Registered Nurse, BSN, and Certified Case Manager

Meet Carol, the Founder, and Visionary of Angel on My Shoulder. With over 40 years of healthcare experience, 20 of which are in Case Management, Carol is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. She is also a certified case manager and dementia care specialist.

Carol believes that the coordination of care between patients, families, and healthcare professionals is crucial to achieving positive healthcare outcomes. Her focus on building connections between people makes her a skilled leader in bringing healthcare teams together for the betterment of their patients.

Her extensive experience in telephonic case management, hospital-based acute care, home care, rehabilitation, and long-term care allows her to provide comprehensive solutions for optimizing patient health and quality of life. Carol advocates for a holistic approach, empowering her clients, families, and caregivers to adapt to changes in health and plan proactively for the future.

With her expertise in dementia care, Carol guides clients and families through the challenges they will face. Beyond her passion for the mission of Angel on My Shoulder, Carol finds fulfillment in faith, family, and gardening.


Karen Kelly-Jones

Registered Nurse, BHS, Board Certified in Psychiatry, Certified Case Manager, SMQT Certified

Karen has 40 years of nursing experience in psychiatry and chemical dependency, utilization review, high-risk case management, and leadership. Karen also taught nursing part-time for five years at a local college.

Her experience working for the California State Department of Health Services conducting Medicare and Medi-cal re-certifications in Long Term Care Facilities and investigative work in acute hospitals adds value to the Angel on My Shoulder team when evaluating extended care facilities for our clients.

Karen believes that knowledge is power and offers education and resources to her patient(s) and their families, which in turn promotes them to have a sense of well-being and confidence in their decision-making.

Her family is the most important part of her life. She loves to cook and finds gardening not only a passion but a way to meditate and process life’s changing events. She believes she can teach her patients to cope and understand through their own passions and belief system as they face changes in their lives.


Debi Windle

Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gerontology, Certified Public Health Nurse with a Master of Science degree in Nursing.

Debra Windle is an RN with 35 years of experience, a clinical nurse specialist, and a certified public health nurse. She holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gerontology. Debra has over 30 years of experience in facilitating and supervising health assessments and care management for adults with chronic and complex needs, specializing in community-based older adults. She has also collaborated with various community agencies, the Long Beach health department, and the Orange County Health Care Agency to develop community-based intervention projects to benefit at-risk populations. Serving as a faculty member at the California State University Long Beach School of Nursing since March 2004, Debra is a content expert in Gerontology, Case Management, Comprehensive Health Assessment, Community Health Nursing, Chronic Health Conditions, Population-based Health Care, Health Care Delivery Systems, Nursing Leadership and Advocacy, Quality Improvement, and Palliative Care. Debra is wholly committed to providing compassionate patient/family-centered care. She feels that health education and advocating for quality care are two of her most important roles when working with clients.


Corrina Graichen

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Corina Graichen was licensed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 2005. She earned her LVN after attending Pacific College in Costa Mesa, CA. Corina has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including ambulatory care, home health, and long-term care facilities specializing in Dementia care. She is passionate about providing quality care and ensuring the highest level of service. In her spare time, Corina enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling, and working in her garden.