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Essential Oils & Healing Touch Support Healing

As nurses, our priority is to care for, and heal our patients' mind, body, and spirit. Nurse Lani Campos, RN CCM HTSM-HP is certified in using Essential Oils and Healing Touch. In addition to her other nursing expertise, her holistic approach has…

Parenting Your Parent 101: Q & A

At the Parenting Your Parent Panel: A Crash Course in Sanity, Angel On My Shoulder Founder, Carol Freeborn, helped many families gain insight and understanding of how to care for aging relatives. Here are her answers to some of those difficult…

Care Planning Controls Costs, Improves Quality of Life

Care planning assists to prevent complications that hasten the disease process of Dementia including Alzheimer's. Case managers are aware of local resources and support for families. Our case managers are Dementia Care Specialists who create and customize care planning for your…

Home Safety Review Checklist

Making time to do a home safety review helps provide safety and peace of mind for the patient and their family members. If you can answer “yes” to all of the questions, you are not only following good home safety…

Case Management Improves Health Outcomes for Serious Illnesses

Angel On My Shoulder provides our services by utilizing the skills of our highly trained Certified Case Managers. Case managers assure the quality of care in health care institutions for over 40 years. Professional case management is critical to improving…

Understanding the Role of the Patient Advocate

Angel On My Shoulder was created to be advocates for their clients. Having a patient advocate in today's healthcare can assure your quality of care. What does a healthcare advocate do? A Healthcare Advocate is someone you chose who assists…
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