A Relationship of Trust

Our mom had a fall but was unwilling to let us bring caregivers into the home. Angel on My Shoulder helped our family find a compromise. Case managers started slowly with weekly visits managing medications to establish trust. Eventually our mom came to agree with in home care and Angel on My Shoulder made it possible by placing and training caregivers.


Peace of Mind

A client was experiencing difficulty having her needs met at an assisted living due to mild cognitive impairment. Her family lived out of state and was unable to help with the day to day. She needed help managing and coordinating her care with medical providers and communicating her needs to the facility. Angel on My Shoulder was able to identify key issues affecting her quality of life. Through direct communication with the client, medical providers and facility staff issues were resolved and her family could rest easy that their mother was getting the care she needed.


Protecting Your Family

A family member discovered a $23,000 check was cashed by their aunt’s caregiver. Angel on My Shoulder was recommended by an elder care attorney and contacted for assistance. After a complete assessment of the client and home situation, new caregivers were placed, trained and supervised for quality and financial oversight.


Restoring Quality of Life

Mrs. B had a stroke and was continuing to have complications in a skilled nursing facility. She was coming close to utilizing all her Medicare rehabilitation days. The family contacted Angel on My Shoulder for assistance. With a thorough assessment the Angel on My Shoulder case manager advocated for a second opinion and medical interventions that would allow Mrs. B to return home, rather than ending up in a long-term care facility. Angel on My Shoulder worked with Mrs. B to meet her goals and today she enjoys living at home with trained caregiver support.


Returning Your Loved Ones Home

When the wife of Mr. B came into the Neurologist’s office, she was overwhelmed and crying with frustration. Her once affable husband was now confined to a nursing home, confused, and refusing to eat. She wanted him home!

Dr. M called Angel On My Shoulder (AOMS) to provide personalized patient care coordination and advocacy. We understand time is of the essence. Within 24 hours, AOMS made an onsite visit to the facility and coordinated and consulted with attending physicians, facility staff, and family.

After reviewing medications and consulting with the doctor, a repeat CT scan determined that a revision of his VP shunt was needed along with a change in medications. Mr. B began to respond positively. He was sleeping well, eating once again, gaining strength, and showing improved cognition. Within a week, he was ready for discharge home with caregivers.

Mr. B is now home enjoying his garden, and swimming at the community center with his family. We visit twice a month to monitor and help to coordinate his at-home care under the direction of his providers.


Getting Back to Work

Mr. F was in the emergency room 4 times in a month for GI issues that could not be diagnosed. At 82 years old, Mr. F was still traveling to LA and working part time. This health issue meant he was unable to continue working. His wife was exhausted with caregiving and all their children lived out of town. Mr. F’s primary care physician recommended Angel on My Shoulder to help with caregiver support and coordination of care. The case manager completed a full assessment and was able to identify the onset of the issues and pinpoint the cause. Through physician communication and a change in medication, Mr. F, he was able to return to work with the system of support that Angel on My Shoulder built around him


Advocating for Our Client and Returning Her Home

Mrs. G was placed in an assisted living after a surgery. She did not have family to advocate on her behalf. Angel on My Shoulder assessed Mrs. G and identified an opportunity to get her back into her home. The case manager was able to coordinate care with her primary physician and neurosurgeon for admission into a skilled facility and after a lengthy rehabilitation, Mrs. G was able to return home to her 24/hr caregivers


Coordinating All Aspects of Care

Ms. J’s 91-year-old, very independent aunt, was visiting from Oregon. She required unexpected orthopedic surgery during her stay in California. Ms. J was concerned, as she knew her aunt had a complex health issue, but no details. She hired Angel on My Shoulder to assist.

We contacted healthcare providers in Oregon to complete a comprehensive assessment, which assisted in answering the health questions needed for surgery. Part of the evaluation included social history, which helped in long term planning and relationship building.

It was determined that her aunt would stay in California. Immediately we went to work to find a new primary care physician (PCP), caregivers, and support for home modifications for Ms. J.

Angel On My Shoulder’s Case Manager educated both Ms. J and her aunt on long term care planning. Our Case Manager made frequent visits coordinating home care, supervising and educating caregivers. She became a friend and an advocate for Ms. J’s aunt allowing Ms. J to continue working during this stressful time. Ms. J received the peace of mind that she had provided the best care possible for her aunt.


Social Support and Connecting to Valuable Community Resources

Ms. B was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and had no family and limited resources. She thought she had to manage her health by herself, learned from her doctor that Angel On My Shoulder could help change her present life circumstances. She consented to our support.

After our initial assessment, it was determined that Ms. B did not have the resources for the medications prescribed. She was one of many people today caught in the circumstance of making too much money for assistance, but not enough to manage her health. She felt she had few choices to manage her health, and her limited support system made life appear even more overwhelming to her.

We gained Ms. B’s trust by empowering her with choices to improve the difficulties she faced. Together, we established a treatment plan with short and long term goals. These included obtaining health insurance and setting up a support network.

Our nurses accompanied her to support groups and medical appointments until she was comfortable going alone. We navigated the community transit system together and helped make new social connections.

Ms. B learned she could be successful with her treatment plan. She soon began to feel better once she had her medications and social support.
Ms. B has decided it is time for her to give back to the community that supported her, and she is currently working as a volunteer.

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