Returning Your Loved Ones Home

When the wife of Mr. B came into the Neurologist’s office she was overwhelmed and crying with frustration. Her once affable husband was now confined to a nursing home, confused and refusing to eat. She wanted him home!

Dr. M called Angel On My Shoulder to provide personalized patient care coordination and advocacy. An onsite visit to the facility along with coordination and consultation with attending physicians, facility staff and family was done in 24 hours.

After reviewing medications and consulting with Dr. M, a repeat CT scan determined that a revision of his VP shunt was needed along with a change in medications. Mr. B began to respond positively: he was sleeping well, eating once again, gaining strength and showed improved cognition. Within a week he was ready for a discharge home with caregivers.

Mr. B is now home enjoying his garden, and swimming at the community center with his family. We visit twice a month to monitor and help to coordinate his at-home care under the direction of his providers.

What We Offer

  • Patient Advocacy
  • In-home living support
  • Memory Care Support
  • Care Givers
  • Transition to Supportive Living
  • Long Term Care Visits with Family
  • Medicare/Medicaid Consulting
  • Dietary Consulting
  • Essential Oils and Healing Touch
  • Navigating the healthcare system and much more...

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