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"I last wrote a Testimonial for Angel on my Shoulder January 27, 2016… Today is January 30, 2018... How quickly time flashes by!

Carol’s role in my care and in my life has expanded. All of a sudden — not really though it seems that way — my needs are greater, my abilities and disabilities have changed and I just realized that Carol is my Care Manager. I am not just lucky; I am blessed with her presence, her knowledge and compassion and experience; Carol is someone I trust implicitly! How many others can I say that about? 

Today our relationship grew ten-fold.... Together, we visited a community that may well become my new home. I am an organized individual but I was shocked and amazed and dumbfounded by all that goes into making this happen, without creating a calamity! I have not space to describe the details, all to be considered, etc. To myself, I said, Pauline! We are not in Kansas any more... I felt so safe, secure, cared for and cherished.

And I realized that with Carol jumping hurdles, clearing debris and at my side, Everything Is Possible, and undaunting!

I presume most people have moments where one feels very alone, with a mountain just ahead, to climb. Carol is my guide AND she sees me as the individual I am; Angel on my Shoulder does not use a cookie-cutter design or methodology to create and bring a Care Plan to life... it is all about me and my needs and desires... and each client is unique. And this is the value, the strength, the empathy, experience and what separates Carol and her company from others. Each person brings different challenges to the table. Angel on my Shoulder sees me just as I am: not just a senior, not just an author and poet, not needy nor disabled; they treat and care for all of me, for each of my needs is different...

I have written what today’s experience meant to me. Today was priceless. I feel capable and able! With Carol and Karen and her team of angels, I know I am not alone on this Journey; I may not be in Kansas anymore but I am counting my blessings... With Carol and Angel on my Shoulder by my side, I am ready, steady and able to move forward. And this is what matters. Now.”

Pauline B.

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