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"All we have is now: And now, I have realized I cannot do life as a solo flight. Angel on my shoulder landed at the perfect moment.

A special and lovely RN, Carol Freeborn arrives about once a month. She coordinates ordering , picking up, preparation, and reminders on all my many meds and sundries. Lo and Behold! This frees me of my burden, worries, and allows me to concentrate on what I love: painting,drawing and especially writing and enjoying my community.

Carol Is knowledgeable, organized and works quietly and efficiently. Since she is an RN, I feel confident that my needs are being met, professionally. Carol is also a welcoming presence, a glow of sunshine. Angel on my shoulder has been guiding my way for about a year, now. As I look at the business card it says "Patient Advocate", yes That is it, they are watching over me.

Well, all we have is now and I am making the most of it. Thank you, Carol and all your angels that make life better, smoother and easier for me and others in the community.

Pauline Bukantz 1-27-2016
Author, Poet, Senior.”

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