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“I just wanted to THANK you and Karen again for truly being the ‘Angels’ that were so badly needed for the care giving of my 90 year old Aunt, Lorraine.

After taking her into my home to care for her, I didn’t know where to turn for help or resources to make her life not only better, but easier and enjoyable for her. You sent Karen and her “Case Manager” and what a Godsend!! You both were so sweet to her and so compassionate that I could tell she instantly felt someone was on her side. 

Karen was right there through her surgeries, her therapy, her wellness care, and her doctors apt. She was such an amazing and professional Patient Advocate for my Aunt! Just having her as a go between with my Aunt’s Doctor was a blessing. Also, having her give me different options for the care of Aunt was such a relief!

You both made me feel that I really did have an ‘Angel On My Shoulder’ to lighten the burden. My Aunt was my Angel and I knew that I was doing all I could to make her life the best it could be. I can’t thank you both enough for all the kindness and exert care that she received from your Services! The weekly reports documenting her care exceeded my expectations and Karen did not leave out one detail.

I highly recommend your Patient Advocate services to anyone who is in need of having an ‘Angel’ on their side! Bless you both and I wish you continued success! I will forever consider you both as lifelong friends!”

Jeannie Kolstad, Irvine, CA

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