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Mr. F was in the emergency room 4 times in the past month for abdominal pain. GI studies were all negative. His wife was exhausted with caregiving, and all of the children lived out of town.

Mr. F was 82 years old and worked part time in Los Angeles. A month prior to the onset of abdominal pain, he was diagnosed with angina, CHF and atrial fib. Dr. R called Angel On My Shoulder for caregiver support and coordination care at discharge. An assessment was done in the patient's home, to determine the needs of the client.

We met with Mr. F often during the first month and placed caregivers to meet his physical and social needs. The assessments identified the time frame of when the abdominal pain started. In reviewing records with Primary care MD, it was determined the anticoagulation medication started was causing pain. The medicating was changed. Mr. F's abdominal pain stopped, and his wife continued to enjoy the support of caregivers in the home. Mr. F returned to work part-time, with the support of his caregiver/driver.

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