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Mrs. B had a stroke in January, and was continuing to have complications in the skilled nursing facility in April 2013. She had come close to utilizing all of her Medicare rehabilitation days. The family contacted Angel On My Shoulder to assist managing their Mother's care.

After requesting a second opinion of her medical status, it was determined she had developed a seizure disorder. At this time, she was receiving artificial nutrition from a feeding tube due to her inability to swallow safely. We knew if the feeding tube continued she would need to go to a long term care facility for the remainder of her life. (State of California regulations do not allow feeding tubes in most assisted living facilities, board and care or at home if unable to manage by yourself.)

Conversations with Client and family occurred to make them aware of their options for care. As her medical conditions stabilized, and her swallow improved, Mrs. B began to eat soft foods.

We saw an opportunity to offer a new plan to Barbara to leave long term care and return home to her husband by advocating for her to have her feeding tube removed.

The family, medical team and Angel On My Shoulder worked together over the next three months to support Barbara in meeting her goal.

Barbara has told us she knows without our assistance she would have remained in long term care. Today, she enjoys her home with a trained caregiver supporting her needs and her loving family.

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