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We are patient & family advocates providing peace of mind and individual integrity

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Peace of Mind to our clients, their family, and friends by ensuring the highest quality of care and services are consistently being provided.


What We Do

Angel On My Shoulder fills a void in patient care for families who aren't able to be as present as they'd like, and provides support navigating the often confusing world of insurance, doctors, and health regimens.

We advocate for families to assure the highest quality of care

  • Confer with physicians and care-givers
  • Monitor details of care 
  • Report findings on a regular basis

Discussions with physicians, nursing staff, and care givers are often held over the phone or missed altogether. Visits are sometimes hurried and details of the patient's care and well-being may be overlooked or difficult to gauge. Patient, family, and friends are often left with incomplete information, and worry over patient’s care on an everyday basis.

That’s where we come in. Acting as an advocate of patient, families, and friends, Angel On My Shoulder will monitor the details of care and/or confer with physicians and care givers in order to assure quality of care. We’ll report our findings to you on a regular basis, and will be available to meet with you, the patients, and others involved with care. You’ll worry less about doing the best that you can for your family member or friend, and you’ll be more informed and knowledgeable about their situation.


Who We Are

Carol Freeborn, RN BSN CCM - Founder and President of Angel On My Shoulder

Founder and President Carol Freeborn, RN BSN CCM.

Carol is the owner and visionary of Angel on My Shoulder. Carol is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in Healthcare, and 20 of those years in the area of Case Management. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, and is a certificated case manager and a dementia care specialist.

Adept at bringing health care teams together, Carol's philosophy is that the best health care outcomes happen with the coordination of care between patient, family, and all of the health care providers involved. Carol believes the Registered Nurse plays a vital role in preserving this coordination of care and quality management.

Carol’s experience in Case Management spans the continuum of care including; telephonic case management, acute care hospital, home care, rehabilitation, and long term care. She is looked upon as a change agent with demonstrated consistent positive outcomes.

Carol believes in the holistic approach when providing services for Angel On My Shoulder. She teaches her clients, family members, and caregivers how to adapt their life to the changes in their health. She anticipates changes and plans for them together with her client.

Her experience dealing with dementia care helps clients and families work through the issues.

Carol’s passion in life is her faith in God, her family, the mission of Angel On My Shoulder, and gardening.


Lani Campos, RN CCM HTSM-HP

Nurse: Lani Campos, RN CCM HTSM-HP.

Lani has 30 years of nursing experience in critical care, hospice, home health, case management and administration.

She is a Certified Case Manager and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Lani’s gentle approach with her client’s always brings a positive outcome. Lani believes that true nursing is providing care for the whole person and their loved ones. Working with Angel On My Shoulder, she has found the perfect environment to do that.

Lani believes the focus for healthcare must be preventative and holistic and delivered with compassion.

Becoming a Healing Touch Therapist and learning how to use essential oils in the healing process, adds a unique perspective to the nursing care being offered by the Angel On My Shoulder team.

Her passions are her faith in God, family, and two dogs.


Janis Pennington RN BSN CCM

Nurse: Janis Pennington RN BSN CCM.

Janis is a third generation nurse in a family where the spirit of nursing was instilled as a child.

She has 38 years of nursing experience in emergency and trauma care, pre-hospital assessment, organ transplants and catastrophic medical illnesses and injuries.

Jan’s experience working with Workers Compensations clients, and dealing with their pain management and catastrophic injuries, renders her a true asset to the Angel On My Shoulder team.

Her stellar contributions as a Case Manager are admired by her colleagues. Jan has been nationally recognized for these contributions. This is substantiated by being awarded the prestigious Patricia McCollum Scholarship from the National Commission of Certified Case Managers in 2009.

Jan has an amazing sense of humor and clients have asked for her by name because they know she will make them laugh. She believes that if she is able to change the mood of the client for just 15 minutes this can be a healing experience.

Her passion is her faith and family, and helping folks gain some quality and joy in their life.


Karen Kelly-Jones, RN-BC BHS CCM SMQT Certified

Nurse: Karen Kelly-Jones, RN-BC BHS CCM SMQT Certified.

Karen has 28 years of nursing experience in psychiatry and chemical dependency, utilization review, case management and leadership.

Her experience working for the California State Department of Health Services conducting Medicare and Medi-cal re-certifications in Long Term Care Facilities, and investigative work in acute hospitals, adds value to the Angel On My Shoulder team when evaluating extended care facilities for our clients.

Karen believes that knowledge is power and offers education and resources to her patient(s) and their families which in turn promotes a sense of well-being and confidence.

Her family is the most important part of her life. She loves to cook and finds gardening not only a passion, but a way to meditate (listening to God) and to process life’s changing events. She believes she can teach her patients to cope and understand through their own passions and belief system as they face changes in their lives. Karen is a joy to all who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her.


Francesca Misso, RN BS CCM CNLCP

Francesca Misso is a registered nurse and Certified Case Manager (CCM) with more than 45 years experience in nursing. Francesca earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Chapman University. She is a legal nurse consultant and a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner assisting clients who have received serious or catastrophic injuries.

Her experience includes ER, critical care, home health, as well as 25 years in case management assisting catastrophically ill/injured and long term care patients on their road to recovery.

Francesca spent four years as a case manager for Wounded Warriors at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton with emphasis on brain injuries and well as PTSD, and other injuries received in battle. Francesca feels the time she spent with these brave Marines, was the most rewarding of her long nursing care.

Her passion is her Faith in God, her family and friends. She loves dancing and sailing and keeping active.

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